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23.Lisa Goldman(non-registered)
Suszi has photographed my family 2x now, and she is fantastic. I have young kinds and one of them can be difficult to work with. He's at an age where he thinks it's funny to sabotage photos or just not cooperate. I worried about this, and had to bite my tongue several times (because I know if I escalated and punished him right at that moment, the whole photoshoot would unravel). Suszi handled this SO well. She not only seemed unperturbed herself, but she managed to put both my son at ease and me! We got many wonderful shots, in spite of my little sabateur. Additionally, as others have mentioned Suszi's speed in sorting, editing and sharing the shots was so fast. She's an absolute pleasure to work with.We will be calling her again!
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14.Karin Raab, Publicity Manager Stanford Savoyards(non-registered)
After learning about Suszi Lurie McFadden and Fuzzy Beastie Photography from a contact at Aurora Singers, the Stanford Savoyards approached her to photograph a publicity session featuring costumed cast in a visually symbolic outdoor setting. Prior to the photo shoot, Suszi offered great schedule flexibility and accommodated all our needs. During the actual shoot, she demonstrated a sophisticated eye for optimizing the backdrops, including form and color, and arranging intriguing compositions of figures. Despite unusually inhospitable weather conditions, her manner was always upbeat, engaging and cordial. Suszi completed the post-processing of the photos in an amazingly fast time and generated many attractive images, over half of which were ideal for our purposes. Our follow up requests for slight adjustments were met with alacrity and a sincerely obliging manner. The Savoyards wholeheartedly recommend Suszi Lurie McFadden and Fuzzy Beastie Photography.
13.JG - Los Angeles(non-registered)
Suszi photographed my daughter’s first birthday party, and all I can say is WOW! She managed to capture the absolute essence of my daughter’s personality and all the joy she had that day. The photos she took are beautiful and she is such a pleasure to work with. And all of those amazing “first cake eating” pictures you see in magazines… I now have my own – pink frosting face and all!
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